We strive to provide petite women beautiful and fitting clothes with sustainability in mind.

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Lets start a conversation on what I can design and make just for you.  Custom tailored to fit you and designs and fabrics that I promise you’ll fall in love with.

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Our Thrifting Haul for a Fashionable, Sustainable, and Petite Closet

The Myths of Thrifting You flick through a rack of old, tattered pieces that have been out of style for at least a decade before suddenly your eyes catch on a white blouse that might just be the one. But then you pull it off the racks only to see that it’s stained...

5 Fall/Winter 2019 Trends You Need To Try This Season

Overpriced pumpkin spiced lattes that taste just like regular lattes with nutmeg. Hundreds of drunkards guzzling beer at Oktoberfest. Bobbing for apples at your grandmas Halloween part. Regardless of what comes to mind for you, fall is a time for change and letting...

The Best Sustainable Fabrics for Fall and Winter Seasons

Who doesn’t love fall? The blazing heat gradually decreases as we FINALLY reach the midway point between way too chilly and way too hot. The leaves form vibrant florets of color that is nothing short of selfie worthy. While the nip in the air is just the right amount...

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