Taking Great Photos – the Ultimate Guide for Petite Women

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In the age of Instagram, Facebook, and Tinder (okay maybe tinder doesn’t matter so much), taking great photos is a downright necessity. 

Taking a good picture isn’t just about looking good (that’s a whole other post), it’s about feeling good. Which brings me to a secret. 

I have always HATED being in pictures. 

The Koreans have mastered taking great photos, but for some reason, even though I lived among them for 8 YEARS I didn’t take it upon myself to learn from the masters. The result? Terrible pictures! 

 I legit just didn’t think I looked good enough to be in a picture or be the center of attention. But then I discovered modeling courtesy of my bestie. I met a great photographer that told me to stop having such a big head and that no one cared enough to spend the day worrying about that random girl and how she was posing in the street for a picture. In other words people have lives; stop being vain.

What I discovered when I started modeling was that anyone could model. Everyone can look great in a picture. Everyone can bring their best selves to the forefront. 

Seeing yourself look great in a picture, makes you FEEL great. And the secret is that you don’t have to be a model to look great in a picture. And you definitely don’t have to be tall. 

With modeling comes a certain subconscious awareness of angles. So sure, I have some subconscious awareness that provides me with some great pictures once in a while- (That or a really good photographer that knows all my angles and directs me; I LOVE great photographers).

Recently Shell took that subconscious awareness and stomped all over it and said that as a petite woman, and as a model, I should know my angles CONSCIOUSLY. 

Which brings me to another random fact about me.

I hate mirrors (yes I know- my subconscious insecurities are showing!). I never did the whole stand in front of one all day and check yourself out until I find my perfect angle thing. If only instead of a mirror I had Shell around 24/7 to tell me how to sit, I’d always have perfect pictures.

Unfortunately, Shell is a busy fashion designer. She did, however, take it upon herself to teach me a few lessons in how to take a perfect picture as a petite woman (oh the irony of a tall person teaching me that). As a fellow petite who is always looking for the perfect shot, here are some tips from Shell to me and from me to you on how to look picture perfect every time. 

How to look picture PETITE perfect every time

So what’s the trick to a perfect petite picture?

Suck in, stop breathing, calf raises- now smile!

I’m not joking. I’m really NOT joking. If I knew breathing exercises and calf raises would get me such awesome pictures, I would have hired someone to follow me around the gym a long time ago! I always expected to look more like a constipated whale- yes I hate gym selfies!

Here are our dos and don’ts for taking that picture you’ll want to look at over and over again!


You’re not the hunchback of notre dame and you’re not 5 years old.

AKA Good posture goes such a long way! It elongates your neck, torso, and legs. PLUS you won’t look like a pubescent teenager who’s slouching in the back of the classroom because you think it’s cool so STOP SLOUCHING/ SLUMPING and sit/stand up straight! 

Take pictures at your eye level. This means don’t let anyone take pictures of you with the camera pointing down; you’ll look like a head on a stick. Make sure the photographer takes pictures at your eye level and not theirs, especially if they’re taller than you because the camera will be pointing down making you look shorter. 

Take pictures at subject’s eye level.
Perspective at eye level.

Get some perspective- have the camera pointing up at you, we tried way below and at the middle; this gives the subject more length. When taking photos from below always remember to tuck your chin in otherwise you get a photo of the underside of your chin. If the shot is taken from way below, lean forward a little so that you don’t lose your face and look distorted, it’ll help you look more proportionate. 

Take pictures from middle of the body.
Take pictures from below.
Perspective from below.

Stand ¾ of the way or on the side rather than full frontal. This gives your photo some angle and depth so it doesn’t look so flat. It also helps your body look slimmer making you look longer. 

Stand 3/4 or to the side.

Legs together or cross your feet, this helps create a V shape which creates a linear look. 

Take photos from right below the knee and up; this takes out any illusion of height. 

Take up most of the frame to appear bigger and grander. 

Frame subject to take up most of the photo.

Show legs by pointing toe or extending your legs one in front of the other. Cross legs to make them look thin and long.

If you’re not wearing heels, stand on your tip toes for additional height. 

Stand on your tip toes.

Wear clothing that enhances your height, check out our tips here

If you’re taking group pictures, stand in front or on the side. If you’re on the side stand slightly closer to the camera so you appear slightly bigger. 

If asking someone to take your pictures, let them know how you want it taken, where they should stand or where the camera should be. It will help them capture a good picture. PS I know so many photographers and models who ALWAYS do this. It’s not rude, it’s efficient! 


Remember, do not take pictures from above eye level.

Avoid shooting from above.

Stand full frontal with arms cross, you lose your waist and you look flat. This makes you look more stumpy than you really are. 

Don’t stand full frontal and cross arms.

Stand with legs too wide apart; this draws the eyes outward instead of up and down.

Don’t stand with legs too wide apart.

Put hands below your hips; this makes your torso look long and your legs look short. 

Avoid placing hands in the wrong area.

Squat!  Why does every girl (including the short ones- yes me included) always squat?! You lose so much of your body and you look squished. 

Don’t squat!

We hope this helped you all! Remember to smile and have fun!


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