Accessorizing your Outfit for Perfect Fall Wear

by | Dec 20, 2019 | 1 comment

Accessorizing your outfits is a great way to express your personal style, whether you’re a city chic fashionista or a casual cool street style kind of gal. 

Another reason accessorizing an outfit is great is because the outfit possibilities are endless. Adding an extra article to an outfit gives it a whole new look and with mixing and matching accessories and clothing you can change up your wardrobe with a snap of your fingers. 

Accessorizing can also add a pop of color to an outfit, it can add layers for a more interesting look, and it can even complete a whole outfit such as a pair of boots. 

Finally, for the fall season, it’s not just practical for warmth but fun as well! 

Check out our second video with description below! 

Beret or Knit Beanie

Add a warm cozy hat such as a beret or beanie over your head for a cool fall vibe. It’ll keep your head warm, frame your face and hide your bed head hair. It can be hard to accessorize since there are so many options so we kept it simply with this first outfit and paired similar colors together.


Big, chunky, knitted, cashmere, silk, wool, infinity. It doesn’t matter, they’re all great for fall. We paired this pink chunky scarf with this dark floral dress and leather jacket. We picked this scarf because the dress has pale pink in it and the chunkiness adds layers and depth to the outfit. 


They are so easy to wear, you literally just throw it over whatever you’re wearing and it’ll make you look polish and keep you extra warm. You can even throw it over a coat. We added a belt to this wrap to cinch the waist which helps show your petite figure. This wrap is also asymmetrical which is great for petite frame.


Boots and booties are must have fall pieces that can really make an outfit. It’s hard to find a pair that’s comfortable and stylish at the same time. Go for neutral, low heel, and suede if you haven’t found a good pair yet. We love these red leather/suede booties with this outfit because the color compliments well with this minimal look. 

Wide Brim Hats

These are chic and fashionable and can make any outfit instantly IG worthy. We love wide brim hats because they frame your face and keep the wind and sun away. Just be sure to hold onto it when it’s windy. We paired this hat with a simple sweater over a white shirt dress and over the knee boots. 

Be slow, be fashionable.

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