5 Fall/Winter 2019 Trends You Need To Try This Season

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Overpriced pumpkin spiced lattes that taste just like regular lattes with nutmeg. Hundreds of drunkards guzzling beer at Oktoberfest. Bobbing for apples at your grandmas Halloween part. Regardless of what comes to mind for you, fall is a time for change and letting go. Or in the words of the wise Marie Kondo letting go of what doesn’t “spark joy”.

As this September 23rd is the first day of all, I’m taking this to mean Kondo your closet and rotate in that fall fashion. You could do a lot worse than three months of sweater weather and boots. Just think of the endless outfit possibilities!

If you don’t know what fashion week is give me a high five! (Just kidding, I don’t live under a rock). Fall/winter collections are showed during fashion week throughout the months of February and March of each year depending on the city.

The forecast is out for this fall season’s trend. I.E, we’ve seen, we’ve evaluated, we’ve judged and the outlook is GOOD. We selected our favorites and want to share them with you. Don’t worry through, we kept our core values in min: petite, sustainable fashion. 

To suit of not to suit

We know that power suits are a total thing in the office but you can totally pull this off and look hot while you’re off duty as well. Using suiting material  with fun silhouettes is a great way to look chic without looking like you’re a stick in the mud that takes work with you to ladies night. Check out the amalgam of masculine material and feminine, chic touch. So take that suit out of the office and have some fun with it (or at least take the material)!

I’m not one for power suits. That being said I’d totally wear this. To work, to a lounge, on a date right before I seduce said guy with my bond girl gear. (This totally screams bond girl doesn’t it? Is that just me?!)

Monochromatic Color

Remember when we mentioned wearing monochromatic helps petite girls look taller? You should definitely try it this fall because it was all over the runway. Don’t be afraid of colors and fun shapes!

Have fun with tweed

Tweed is the epitome of fall and this fall is no different. Think outside the Chanel tweed suit box and get inspired by tweed everything else.

Think you can’t dress warmly and be sexy? The babe above says think again ladies. 

Dark floral romance

Think “Interview with the Vampire” meets the modern day woman for an updated look with deep and rich colors of floral prints. Go bold or be safe, either way, florals always works. 

Me-ow! We usually think bright summer colors when we think florals but cooler, darker and rich colors totally work for fall too! You’d totally see me sporting this a fall/winter wedding. Someone get married so I’ll have an excuse to buy this! (Or not, it’s probably wayy over my budget).

Boss babe suits

The power suit with a modern twist for an lady who’s ready to take on the day. We love these inspirations because they show different shapes and the versatility of a suit. Go for a fitted cinched waist, a long jacket or an oversized jacket to add some spark to your work wear. Suits do not have to be black. Purple is for royalty and this model is definitely a queen. 

We can’t wait for the weather to cool down (which will be awhile here in Texas) to sport these fall looks. 

Hopefully, we were able to give you some inspiration for your fall wardrobe this season. 

What are some trends you’ll be rocking this season?

-Shell N Fashion

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