Our Thrifting Haul for a Fashionable, Sustainable, and Petite Closet

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The Myths of Thrifting

You flick through a rack of old, tattered pieces that have been out of style for at least a decade before suddenly your eyes catch on a white blouse that might just be the one.

But then you pull it off the racks only to see that it’s stained with what looks like grease and some kind of crusted yellow stuff that could either be coffee or alfredo. You hope to God it’s coffee or Alfredo.

Effort wasted. Time wasted. You leave the store annoyed and adamant that you’ll never set foot in a second-hand shop again.

This is what most people imagine when they think of second-hand shopping. It’s a myth that’s been ingrained in us since childhood. When I was a kid (It’s so sad that I’ve become one of those grown-ups that say that…) it was practically a SIN to walk into school wearing hand me downs. (Yeah I wore hand-me-downs… what?!)

It was all about getting the newest and latest. 

Nowadays, with the rise of the slow fashion movement, second-hand and vintage items are gaining steam. And that brings me to the reason for this post!

This month is Second-hand September which means that it’s the perfect opportunity for you to be sustainable while being stylish. As a petite girl, I know that a lot of you hate shopping. So I DEFINITELY wouldn’t be surprised if I found out that none of y’all like thrift shopping. At 5’2, I completely understand. 

BUT It’s a misconception that a lot of people (including me until recently) have that thrift store clothes are just stained, oversized sacks- or another person’s garbage. 

The thing is what people don’t understand is that second-hand doesn’t equate to trash. 

There is a vast variety of thrift stores. Sure there are ones that are lower end where you have to do a little bit more hunting, but there are also medium range thrift shops like the buffalo exchange. Or if you want something higher end there are places like the RealReal that are more upscale and much more expensive.

So no- not EVERYTHING second-hand is unfashionable or out of fashion. A lot of it can not only be fashionable but in great condition to boot. 

Thrifting, of course, is by no means easy peasy but it’s not supposed to be! It’s a treasure hunt and that’s the beauty of it. In an industry where there are more seasons than I have shoes (I don’t have that many…) clothes are discarded often for the latest trend. But we all know that not everything fully goes out of style! Some trends come back, i.e. puffy 80’s sleeves, cut off jeans, chokers- yes CHOKERS (who would have thought?) 

Clothes not only come back in style but some clothes NEVER go out of style. Classic white Ts, cashmere sweaters, silk blouses, turtle necks, little black dresses… and all this CAN be found at thrift stores. And one more great reason to thrift? You’re not contributing to the fast fashion industry. Don’t know what fast fashion is? Learn about it here. Most of our donated goods go unused and get shipped to third world countries where they undermine the local economy. In this way you’re actually helping reduce textile waste by buying second-hand.

To show you guys how fun, sustainable, and thrifty thrifting is (that was not on purpose, I swear) we went on our own thrifting adventure for you guys.

Our Thrifting Venture

We sorted through rows of clothing and in this treasure trove we found a plethora of clothing that could be turn into our next halloween costumes or our next date outfits and had some pretty great finds!

Check it out!

What says fall like orange florals? Or are those leaves…? You can turn something old into something completely new and fashionable with a little creativity. 

You can’t go wrong with a basic top that bares the shoulders. 

This top was an awesome basic but the sleeves are too long. Easily solved! Just fold the sleeves in. 

While it’s true that things can be a bit too big, don’t let that stop you! If something doesn’t fit you can easily do minor alterations or get a friend to help you.

Stripes never go out of style and the twist detail is so on trend lately. 

A great summer cotton dress that fits like a glove!

Pair this houndstooth dress with a nice blouse to up your fashion game!

Great jacket for work or play!

This two tone silk dress can go from the office to dinner.

The lightest silk shirt dress ever (that’s not a stain, it’s a light reflection).

Cozy merino and angora wool sweater!

So after all that if you still don’t really see why you should shop at the thrift store let me give you the number one reason you should try thrifting. 


Yep. What you’re thinking is exactly right. Most of these clothes were only $1 each. 

Quick Thrifting Tips

Here are my quick tips to get started if you’re a newbie to thrifting.

1. Look for clothes that are made of silk, wool, and linen because they tend to be in better condition.

2. Check everything over carefully before buying and look for stains or tears, if it’s bad pass on it.

3. Don’t feel you have to go through the whole store. Most thrift stores are sectioned off into categories like dresses, pants, tops, etc. Shop for what you want as to not get overwhelmed by everything in the store.

4. Whatever you take home, be sure to check the care label and wash accordingly.

Happy Second-hand September y’all! Scored a good find? Share it with us!

Remember, be slow. Be sustainable.


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