The Best Fall Fashion Week Street Style

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Street style or “style in its natural habitat” as Givhan of the Washington Post calls it, is exactly what the name suggests. Fashion derived from the streets rather than from empires like Coco Chanel and Ralph Lauren. And what better time to take a look at street style than at Fall Fashion Week.

Street style has always been around but has evolved with the times and trends. Shell (Shell N’s founder for you newbies) calls it a way of expression- or how people want to be seen when they’re out and about. Sometimes that means you’re decked out in a colorful array of neon pink and blue trainers while other times you’re Parisian chic in a black dress and a beret. Okay I admit- I instantly think of beret when I think Parisian. It just depends on what message you’re trying to send.

In big cities like New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, or Seoul even- the street style scene is huge. Probably because people actually take the time to walk around the city and be seen. A lot of the time the style represents a blend of the culture along with an expression of the person’s individuality. 

In Korea, a culture quite fond of the fashion scene, women would go hiking in pink lace and high heels. And mini skirts were a thing even if the temperatures hit the negatives! I’m totally not bashing these girls- Korea is the reason I have any fashion sense!  In New York, the styles range from urban to hippie to classy-chic. In Los Angeles, shirred dress, oversized sunglasses and strappy sandals are the norm.

Maybe you want to give off an image of femininity or maybe you’re going for a more eclectic vibe. Your clothes can portray all this. 

Regardless of your style preferences, street style gives us the freedom to express ourselves and our personalities visually.  

Here in suburbia- we’re HIGHLY lacking in the street style scene.

But just because the scene is lacking doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress to express! That’s why we’re sharing street style from fashion weeks from NY to Milan to Paris in hopes of giving you all a little inspiration from the fashionistas in fashion forward cities.

Here are some of our favorite street styles that were of course selected with our petite readers in mind. 

Go minimalist with a contrasting color for that pop, top off with a statement coat. 

You may not believe us when we say that tweed is in this fall but you have to trust stylish blogger Chrisell Lim. 

Street style is all about having fun and this outfit is fun with the combination of prints and texture. 

Monochromatic AND Asymmetrical? This gorgeous noblesse is just bleeding fashion.

Layers are such a fall must and not always easy to achieve; we love this layering of burnt oranges. 

Remember suiting materials from our previous post, it’s here too! Fall isn’t complete without earthy fall tones that set the mood and feel of the season.

Love this mixture of the work blazer and feminine skirt- business on top and Parisian girl on the bottom. 

Classic, timeless and streamlined- Aphrodite is on the move. Stay neutral and monochromatic so as not to go over the top with so many elements in one outfit.

Add something interesting to your outfit to give it some personality, love the obi around the waist. 

These were some of our favorite street styles but what are some of yours? Let us know in the comments!

Remember, be slow. Be sustainable.


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